End of the day

At the end of the day, it’s the journey not the destination.
And as someone special once told me, what happens inbetween is the adventure.



One packed adventure

If you ask most people my age where Canberra ranks on their list of ideal places to visit, the ACT would probably sit down near the bottom by it’s lonely self.

Ask me however, and I would say that there are amazing photo opportunities everywhere you go, whether you are looking for them or not.

The first roadtrip of 2013 brought us to the Capital of Australia.

My partner received his first media pass for the annual Summernats Car Festival – an experience that led me to seeing enough burnt rubber and smoke to last me a lifetime.

We passed through burnt down churches, experienced 45°C days, hail storms, dirt tracks, galleries, roundabouts & roundabouts, visited family and most importantly, created many many new memories.

Allow me to elaborate on this further with the shots below – enjoy! 🙂













In order for my level of happiness to remain on the ‘can’t stop smiling’ end of the spectrum, I require a few things (in no order of importance, they are all important):

  1. Photos on my camera waiting to be edited.
  2. Having people around me who can make me smile.
  3. Adding (and crossing off!) to my list of places to visit.
  4. Having moments like these below.

Here is a quirky collection of photos that touch close to my heart, each for their own reason.

I hope you enjoy x

IMG_5882-2IMG_0037IMG_0139 IMG_0816 IMG_0879

IMG_0963 2IMG_1005 IMG_1009IMG_1690IMG_1723IMG_1710
IMG_1730IMG_2292IMG_2125 IMG_2120 IMG_2084-2 IMG_1983

IMG_2343 IMG_2344IMG_4968 IMG_5074 IMG_5115 IMG_5155 IMG_5287 IMG_5288

IMG_5938 IMG_5926

IMG_5975 IMG_5982 IMG_5991 IMG_6460 IMG_6474 IMG_6482 IMG_6558 IMG_6588 IMG_6619 IMG_6665 IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6729 IMG_6773 IMG_7126 IMG_7184




IMG_8791 IMG_8142 IMG_8140


Looking back at Twenty-Twelve.

The second half of the year always seems to pass so so much faster than the first, I can’t believe 2013 is only JUST around the corner!

So now to do the {impossible} summarising of highlights and moments that have brought me joy in 2012…

• Taking the most photos I’ve ever taken in my life, in the space of 12 months.

• Taking majority of those photos alongside some amazing people, new as well as familiar.

• Having a complete stranger (turned good friend) write, record and play live, a song inspired by my photos.

• Having someone name their child after me.

• Being involved in the Turning Heads Project, which gave me the opportunity to travel interstate and meet some unforgettable people!

• Going on many many road trips & adventures.

• Learning many many many many many many new things.

• Consistently being in the right place at the right time.

• Having the most wonderful and caring person I’ve met to date finally make their entrance into my life {and daily thoughts}.

Anyways, enough of the scrambled words and emotions, let the photos do that on my behalf!
Here is a mix of some personal and professional shots from 2012.

IMG_8134 IMG_8119IMG_8542IMG_8722

IMG_1271 IMG_1850


IMG_0953 IMG_0820IMG_1294 IMG_1440IMG_1809 IMG_1794IMG_5381IMG_5249

IMG_1214 IMG_1339IMG_1399 IMG_1376IMG_0254IMG_2084-2 IMG_2128-5IMG_2714 IMG_2722 IMG_2733

IMG_2682 IMG_2764

IMG_4480-2 IMG_4491IMG_4855 IMG_4983IMG_3620 IMG_8682IMG_9049 IMG_8992IMG_6589 IMG_6619IMG_9310 IMG_9304IMG_9537 IMG_0070

IMG_2966 IMG_2436 IMG_2378

IMG_2127 IMG_2400 IMG_2516IMG_5176 IMG_5115 2IMG_5142 IMG_5010IMG_5053 IMG_5054

Road Trippin’

You know those moments that just seem to give you a burst of energy, where you swear you can actually feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins?

I get excited by road trips. Long, short, and doesn’t matter where.
I get excited by anything new I might discover, big or small.
I get excited about the destination, decided or undecided.

Here is a collection of film and digital shots that bring back some of that adrenaline.














“Turning Heads” Project

You know that strange feeling when one little idea grows and grows to become much more than you expected, and suddenly you find yourself snowballing down a huge hill at 110km/hour?

It all began when an artist, named Helen Beasley, was looking for a photographer to volunteer to collaborate on a project called ‘Turning Heads” – a project aimed at raising awareness of Alopecia sufferers and promoting a positive self image through artwork and photos. Helen rang up a local photography store and was referred to me… who luckily happened to live just 2 minutes down the road! I really admired the concept of the project and wanted to see what I could do with it when put to the challenge. And so it began!

After shoots with a number of models (ageing from 2 years – 60 years), through all seasons of the year, we finally had a series of images that captured each person’s personality and reflected on how they had coped with the condition. The Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) became involved, and based on the success of the whole project, offered to fly us to Melbourne for AAAF awareness day. At the same time, an article was published in That’s Life! magazine featuring Helen’s work and my photograph. Suddenly a small local project had escalated!

In Melbourne, we had 4 volunteers, all of similar age to myself, come in to have their heads adorned with henna, in a design of their choice. This was the first time many of the girls had ever gone in front of people (and the public!) without their wigs. Many of the designs included their own symbols of strength and beauty  – it was just captivating to watch Helen apply the designs with her intricate skills.
The comments we received from all our models were incredibly uplifting – many felt like this was a catalyst for them finally accepting themselves and their condition.

There was one specific girl on AAAF awareness day who really stood out in mind. She was in Year 9 at school and had been involved with the AAAF for quite a while, always being so incredibly helpful and supportive with others who joined the community. I snapped some photos of this gorgeous girl, and she received ongoing comments of her beautiful artwork, modelling features and how beautiful and infectious her smile was. It wasn’t until the end of the day that someone explained to me that up until now she wouldn’t even let her own mother see her without a wig, being too ashamed of the condition. Today had actually been the first day she had let ANYONE see her without a wig, let alone a whole community of people! I was deeply touched by this story and how she finally found the strength to accept herself – something I won’t forget.

This project has run over the whole of 2012, and it really has been one of the many highlights of my life so far. Meeting so many inspirational people, all of whom are a constant reminder  to me of how beauty is really defined – by our personalities, values and souls. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it all.

Here is my summary of the Turning Heads Project through a series of images – hope the beauty of these girls brings a smile to your face like it does to mine 🙂