A day of rain, an epic sunrise, rain, trip through the Royal National Park, heavy rain, a unique outdoors art festival, and more rain.

A little bit of rain never stopped anyone.

IMG_1000_edited-1IMG_1072_edited-1 IMG_1062_edited-1IMG_1078_edited-1IMG_1087_edited-1IMG_1124-2_edited-1IMG_1137_edited-1IMG_1153IMG_1160IMG_1197_edited-1IMG_1169_edited-1IMG_1172_edited-1IMG_1207_edited-1IMG_1232_edited-1IMG_1214_edited-1IMG_1224_edited-1IMG_1221_edited-1IMG_1171IMG_1252_edited-1IMG_1254_edited-1IMG_1245_edited-1IMG_1250_edited-1IMG_1265_edited-1IMG_1272_edited-1IMG_1271_edited-1IMG_1276_edited-1IMG_1283IMG_1286IMG_1290


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