Autumn Wonderland

I like to think my life is one big wonderful ride of experiences, learning new things, and moments that I never expected to happen.

I’ve been told I’m a ‘free spirit’, but at the same time I’m quite uncertain of everything. But that’s ok. Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes right and we don’t always know where we are going, but trips like this remind me that I always have and always will do what I love most and what makes me more happy than anything.

All that matters is that if you’re passionate about something, you don’t let it go. No amount of hard work will go to waste if you enjoy the adventures and journey along the way, and live a life knowing that you’re living for something you love.

Here are some moments from a weekend spent in the Autumn Wonderland that was the Blue Mountains – another adventure along my bumpy life.


25 thoughts on “Autumn Wonderland

      • Glad to hear that I did so Lina, because your pictures made MY day. I LOVE the mountains and I adore autumn in the mountains, I want to see it in its glory right now. It’s beautiful and your photography is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much for sharing it with the world! Keep adventuring and loving the mountains. I’ll be back for more x

      • I completely agree with you, the area and colours are so incredibly uplifting this time of year especially, can’t explain how happy it makes me 🙂 Thank you for all your support Julie! 🙂

  1. Such beautiful photos, I feel like I want to jump in my car and head to the mountains right now. There’s no place like it during autumn (hmm, at any time of year, for that matter).

  2. Great photos Lina….! I found your blog today because you mentioned the Blue Mountains…funny, I live in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon USA! We are a little gold mining town that love’s trains – so I particularly loved the train photos! Cheers!

      • I’m curious Lina… there any gold mining in your country..and if so, I would love to see your photos it! 🙂

  3. Hi Mark, there definitely is! Unfortunately there is only a small mining region in NSW – it’s definitely a huge industry on the other side of the country in Western Australia and also Victoria. 🙂 Hopefully one day I can get some shots! 🙂

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