In order for my level of happiness to remain on the ‘can’t stop smiling’ end of the spectrum, I require a few things (in no order of importance, they are all important):

  1. Photos on my camera waiting to be edited.
  2. Having people around me who can make me smile.
  3. Adding (and crossing off!) to my list of places to visit.
  4. Having moments like these below.

Here is a quirky collection of photos that touch close to my heart, each for their own reason.

I hope you enjoy x

IMG_5882-2IMG_0037IMG_0139 IMG_0816 IMG_0879

IMG_0963 2IMG_1005 IMG_1009IMG_1690IMG_1723IMG_1710
IMG_1730IMG_2292IMG_2125 IMG_2120 IMG_2084-2 IMG_1983

IMG_2343 IMG_2344IMG_4968 IMG_5074 IMG_5115 IMG_5155 IMG_5287 IMG_5288

IMG_5938 IMG_5926

IMG_5975 IMG_5982 IMG_5991 IMG_6460 IMG_6474 IMG_6482 IMG_6558 IMG_6588 IMG_6619 IMG_6665 IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6729 IMG_6773 IMG_7126 IMG_7184




IMG_8791 IMG_8142 IMG_8140



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