Looking back at Twenty-Twelve.

The second half of the year always seems to pass so so much faster than the first, I can’t believe 2013 is only JUST around the corner!

So now to do the {impossible} summarising of highlights and moments that have brought me joy in 2012…

• Taking the most photos I’ve ever taken in my life, in the space of 12 months.

• Taking majority of those photos alongside some amazing people, new as well as familiar.

• Having a complete stranger (turned good friend) write, record and play live, a song inspired by my photos.

• Having someone name their child after me.

• Being involved in the Turning Heads Project, which gave me the opportunity to travel interstate and meet some unforgettable people!

• Going on many many road trips & adventures.

• Learning many many many many many many new things.

• Consistently being in the right place at the right time.

• Having the most wonderful and caring person I’ve met to date finally make their entrance into my life {and daily thoughts}.

Anyways, enough of the scrambled words and emotions, let the photos do that on my behalf!
Here is a mix of some personal and professional shots from 2012.

IMG_8134 IMG_8119IMG_8542IMG_8722

IMG_1271 IMG_1850


IMG_0953 IMG_0820IMG_1294 IMG_1440IMG_1809 IMG_1794IMG_5381IMG_5249

IMG_1214 IMG_1339IMG_1399 IMG_1376IMG_0254IMG_2084-2 IMG_2128-5IMG_2714 IMG_2722 IMG_2733

IMG_2682 IMG_2764

IMG_4480-2 IMG_4491IMG_4855 IMG_4983IMG_3620 IMG_8682IMG_9049 IMG_8992IMG_6589 IMG_6619IMG_9310 IMG_9304IMG_9537 IMG_0070

IMG_2966 IMG_2436 IMG_2378

IMG_2127 IMG_2400 IMG_2516IMG_5176 IMG_5115 2IMG_5142 IMG_5010IMG_5053 IMG_5054


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