A day in December

From a sunny afternoon,

with some golden light,

on a day in December.

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Looking back at Twenty-Twelve.

The second half of the year always seems to pass so so much faster than the first, I can’t believe 2013 is only JUST around the corner!

So now to do the {impossible} summarising of highlights and moments that have brought me joy in 2012…

• Taking the most photos I’ve ever taken in my life, in the space of 12 months.

• Taking majority of those photos alongside some amazing people, new as well as familiar.

• Having a complete stranger (turned good friend) write, record and play live, a song inspired by my photos.

• Having someone name their child after me.

• Being involved in the Turning Heads Project, which gave me the opportunity to travel interstate and meet some unforgettable people!

• Going on many many road trips & adventures.

• Learning many many many many many many new things.

• Consistently being in the right place at the right time.

• Having the most wonderful and caring person I’ve met to date finally make their entrance into my life {and daily thoughts}.

Anyways, enough of the scrambled words and emotions, let the photos do that on my behalf!
Here is a mix of some personal and professional shots from 2012.

IMG_8134 IMG_8119IMG_8542IMG_8722

IMG_1271 IMG_1850


IMG_0953 IMG_0820IMG_1294 IMG_1440IMG_1809 IMG_1794IMG_5381IMG_5249

IMG_1214 IMG_1339IMG_1399 IMG_1376IMG_0254IMG_2084-2 IMG_2128-5IMG_2714 IMG_2722 IMG_2733

IMG_2682 IMG_2764

IMG_4480-2 IMG_4491IMG_4855 IMG_4983IMG_3620 IMG_8682IMG_9049 IMG_8992IMG_6589 IMG_6619IMG_9310 IMG_9304IMG_9537 IMG_0070

IMG_2966 IMG_2436 IMG_2378

IMG_2127 IMG_2400 IMG_2516IMG_5176 IMG_5115 2IMG_5142 IMG_5010IMG_5053 IMG_5054

My Very Merry Christmas

What makes Christmas so special?
If I was going to throw some keywords into one boiling pot, I’d say..


But simmering at the top of the pot, above the rest, would be memories.

Memories are the intangible gifts at Christmas – the ones that bring a smile to your face every time you play them back. Whether it’s the gifts themselves that bring back memories, or just the ones created spending time with our loved ones.

So I hope that this Christmas, you received something
that not only holds a price tag, but holds a place in your heart. ❤

Here are a few select snapshots of my special Christmas.


IMG_5636Although my mum makes a gingerbread house every year without fail, when my partner and I decided to give it a try, this was the result!


IMG_5646Can’t wait to take some more shots with my polaroid camera that I received from my boy. Just another way to capture my new adventures in 2013!

IMG_5703-2Also from the boy – Birds of Tokyo tickets! Can not wait for the concert now!! 


IMG_5659-2My Dad and I received a cookbook from his cousin which she has just published, with all her history of growing up, recipes, and her soul blended into these pages.

IMG_5671-2 IMG_5668-2Every year since I was a child, at my Dads house for Christmas he would get a real Christmas tree, and our job was to cover as much of it as possible with party poppers and hide some Cadbury Roses chocolates inside it. Quirky I know, but I feel this is a tradition that I can’t help but continue when I have kids of my own!


IMG_5724Mums annual Chocolate Cheesecake and my Auntys I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E fruitcake that she mails to us every Christmas!


IMG_5697-2My beautiful Aunty created this quilt for me – some of the fabrics she has had for over 20 years. To have somebody put so much effort and care into a gift like this means an incredible amount to me.

It will sit proudly on my bed for a long time to come.

HappyXmasMy collection of some local Christmas lights that I visited.


Road Trippin’

You know those moments that just seem to give you a burst of energy, where you swear you can actually feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins?

I get excited by road trips. Long, short, and doesn’t matter where.
I get excited by anything new I might discover, big or small.
I get excited about the destination, decided or undecided.

Here is a collection of film and digital shots that bring back some of that adrenaline.















I often find myself bumping into things.

I’m not an uncoordinated person…

…Unless I’m daydreaming.

Or looking at how the light reflects off the clouds behind that building.

Or how good the patterns on that wall would look in a square crop.

Or just adding location #100001 to my list of places to go back and photograph.

I’m not sure how to describe what goes on in my head through some of those hours of the day where I’m wandering from one place to the next. It’s my prime creativity time. Where my mind looks at everything around me and tries to absorb every little detail of every object, how the sun hits that particular wall, or how the whole atmosphere of the area transforms as soon as golden hour hits.

So to share some shots that most people would have never seen, I’ve pulled some of my photos from Instagram, to show you some of the things I bump into everyday.

Keep in mind the lack of superiority of the iPhone4 camera, and enjoy! x